June 27, 2015

glimpses: change

This is the beginning of a new "series" where I give you a glimpse into my life, whether it be a grace that God is showing me, a funny happening, a struggle or just happiness from a day. Please comment below and give me a glimpse into your life. 

Change. Every 24 hours the calendar moves to a new date. Time changes. People change. Places change.

We can't ignore it so the challenge is, "How well do we embrace change?"

I also realize that changes can be thought of in many different ways. Personal change. Relational change. Today I'm talking of physical change (as in where we live, job, etc...)

What words come to mind when you hear "change"? uncomfortable, excitement, new, adventure, scary, different. I have discovered something funny about myself...I like change for a few months as long as there is still something familiar to come back too, or I like change if it's acceptable to others.

But for the most part I don't love major changes. Why? Fear. Often I want change badly but the scariness of it holds me back. The fear of change {new, not knowing} is the scariest part of change. How do I face change? Do I believe that God is using it to change me? Do I embrace it as opportunities for discovery and grace? The truth is without change things die. Without change there would not be adventure. Life changes. Life grows. It moves. It's alive.

This year has held many changes for me; marriage, new state, new town, new name, new job and the list goes on. And the changes don't slow down...another move this month, in two months a move across the country, academic life, new jobs...

I'm daring myself to face these changes with joy and courage.

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