June 22, 2015

5 kitchen necessities

Whether you're a newly wed starting your kitchen for the first time or a single starting your own apartment one of the basic needs of any home is a kitchen. Agree with me here, please. Food, drink, laughter - much of life starts in the kitchen.

Though I grew up being in the kitchen all the time, it still was rather overwhelming when I got to have my own kitchen and realized just all I needed. But I knew I needed to keep things down to a minimal. So here are my 5 basic necessities for a kitchen.

Yes, you can disagree with me on these and leave me a comment with what you would have!

1. A good blender - this is a big chunk of money to throw out but seriously it has been so worth it. Smoothies, soups, muffins, etc. There are so many great recipes that require a blender. Personally I love the single serve cups that come with the Ninja. They are perfect for a quick smoothie! (side note: I would highly recommend going with the set that has the food processor if you can. I didn't and now regret that!)

2. Crock pot - meal ideas for this are endless....breakfast, supper, I've even seen dessert or jelly recipes for a crockpot. Mine is perfect for cooking supper while I work away from home a few days a week.

3. Cast Iron skillet - if you only have one pan get this! Can you use it in more than one way? My kinda of pan. In the oven with a cookie, on the stove frying morning eggs and bacon, uses are endless. Once you buy one, season it (google has lots of helpful links) and you are good to go.

4. Ceramic knife - these things cut veggies and meat like no other. I do have a great set of stainless steel blades that I love, but the sharpness of ceramic comes in very handy.

5. Hand mixer - these are cheap but worth the time they save!

So what is a necessity in your kitchen? I'd love to hear!

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