July 29, 2015

coffee date {July}

if we were having coffee today...

...I would tell you that having a crazy schedule, limited internet access and lots of traveling make for very limited time to blog. Rather frustrating when I have lots of posts about lessons from this first year of marriage, some budget tips I've found and lots more, but they will be slow in coming till this fall. Right now it feels like I am never going to get caught up on the things I need (i.e. want) to do online.

...being offline has been good to make me think through a lot of my habits and also start pursuing some other things.

...that this month has been full of highlights - We went to KS and I got to see most of my family!!!!! Not all of my siblings live in my home state but I was sure glad to get to see the ones that do. Lots of coffee, talking, games and good times.

...with all this HOT weather we've been getting that I am ready for fall - please don't ever make me move further south

...getting ready for a major move is only slightly stressful

...that the next big change is only making me freak out and get excited all in one. Thrilled to see God starting to bring together the next steps in our dreams but it's also really scary.

...that I have been reading a lot this summer and am loving it. It feels good to start feeding the mind again with lots of words.

What would you have to share today? I'd love to hear! 

July 20, 2015

anniversary getaway: Branson

Living not far from Branson, MO, it was an easy choice for our first anniversary. Branson boasts a large amount of attractions - from Sight & Sound (a theatrical presentation of the Gospel), to singing groups, comedy shows and amusement parks. We had a great weekend - of course since we love being together that wasn't too hard. :)

I'd highly recommend the city for great fun and lots of adventures. Please excuse all the low quality ipod pictures but hopefully you can get a small glimpse into our delightful weekend. 

One way we made the weekend less inespensive was using AirBnB for lodging. This little place was perfect. Clean and close to where we wanted to be. 

Mini golf is a favorite activity of ours and we made good use of the courses there. (and yes, we won 3 free games. We rock! :) ) 

Sight & Sound - Jonah! Having heard great things about this place from my husband and others, I knew I was in for a treat. If you head to Branson be sure to take in a Sight & Sound show. The acting, music, coragraphy, LIVE animals all combine for a excellent experience. 

I love the mission of Sight & Sound to produce quality shows that share the Gospel of Jesus. 

The next evening we went to Shepherd of Hills. A historical story set in the Ozarks that comes to life before your eyes. I'm glad I read the book a few years back as it helped to keep up with the story a little better. This show has been going for 50+ years and should be on your list of must sees.

Adventure, celebration and daily routine all make life with this man a gift!

July 10, 2015

one year

Faithful heart, what more can one life ask?
One hand to hold along life's path
Share with me this vow, and for all time

Our souls will be entwined

One year ago I pledge my life and love to this man. This year has been a journey...a journey into knowing what it means to walk alongside another human day in and day out.. A journey into having someone know all about you. There have been challenges, struggles and lessons but it's also been a great journey into love and grace. My man has given me laughter, joy and adventure. My man has shown me love, grace and healing. My man has shown me a greater picture of Jesus. I can't wait for more years ahead. God has been faithful.

To celebrate we spent the weekend in Branson, MO. A fantastic place for clean, good fun. In another post I'll share a bit more detail about our great weekend which included some fantastic things...like Sight & Sound's Jonah's and lots of mini golf. :)

our selfie game is fairly on point here :)

July 2, 2015

Currently {July}

Can you believe we're half way through 2015? July - our anniversary month!! I'm excited! You can roll your eyes but truly it does feel like we've spent a life time together at times yet other times it feels like we've just begun. It's also my man's birthday month, we get to go see my family and other good things ahead.

craving - home made ice cream. It's July, right? :) I got to have some at a delightful after-wedding party last week and now I want more!

grilling - anything that can...we love grilled foods around here.

listening - podcasts! I have discovered a fondness for listening to these random bits of advice and information while cleaning, running or doing other random things. Relevant (my husband and I laugh so hard at this one), The Nourished Podcast and The Art of Simple are current likes. Please leave a comment with your favorites. I'm always looking for new ones.

planning - our anniversary trip this weekend. Yes! Celebrating one year of marriage - it has been an incredible year. Grateful for the goodness of God and the gift of marriage! In the coming weeks, I hope to write more thoughts about this first year, marriage, etc so stay tune for that.

decorating - well, nothing right now as we are in a transition point at temporary apartment between two big moves. But I'm dreaming and looking forward to planning for our new home in August.

Special thanks to Jenna and Anne for hosting this lovely linkup.