May 25, 2015

coffee date {edition 2}

coffee, chocolate, cuddles and the Word with my favorite man

if we were having coffee today....

...I'd tell you about the amazing cup of French Press my husband got at a local coffee shop when we were with friends a few weeks ago. That stuff was good.

...I'd tell you how thrilled I am with having completed the Whole 30 this last month. It was hard but oh so good. And to be honest the clear cut yes and no's made eating much easier. Now to figure out what direction to head from here...

..I'd tell you how I have been reading the book Restless and it is making me think, pray and dream like never before.

...I'd tell you that I got a 3 day weekend with my man at home and how much I am enjoying it. We have been traveling so much it feels almost weird! Neither of us has to work (well our regular jobs - we're doing plenty around the house!) and it is just nice.

...I'd ask you about your present dreams, your future dreams and the biggest thing on your heart right now.

...I'd tell you how this month ever since listening to several hours of challenging messages my mind has been running with lots of thoughts. This year it spoke to current issues and how the Gospel answers the big questions and leads us. The Gospel gives hope, healing and restoration. It opens our eyes to our calling to be a healer, a helper, an advocate for the hurt, the needy and the broken.

...I'd tell you how much my heart aches with longing to bring hope, healing and freedom to the many many girls today who have been hurt by the lusts of men, agendas of others or the brokenness of not knowing Jesus Christ. There is a hurting world around us.

....I'd tell you how much I love rainy days but I sure wish it didn't bring so much mud with it #agirlcanwishright ? :)

two delicious new recipes from the Whole 30

...I'd tell you how God answered an incredible request - more on this later but suffice to say - WE HAVE A HOME this fall.

...I'd tell you that allergies sure have been affecting my breathing for running lately but this spring greenery makes every run worth it. I'd ask what your current favorite way to workout.

...I'd tell you that this morning I read Isaiah 58 and was blessed to overflowing at the redemption and hope in it.

What's on your mind for a coffee date this week?

May 20, 2015

photography {niece & nephew}

Remember how I warned of more pictures of my adorable niece and nephew? Here you go. :)

Getting to spend time with them is such a highlight. The oldest one, Yoanna, is smart yet full of mischief and giggles. Matthias is tenderness, boyhood, cars, trucks all wrapped in hugs. They both adore their younger sister which is so fun to see.

A few shots from our recent visit with them....

let them be little 'cause they're only that way for awhile

Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day

Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle

Oh, but let them be little

May 13, 2015

in {all} things...

I finished reading the book of Psalms in the last few days and was struck again by the emphasis on praise. Praising the One who created us, who gives us life, who keeps us and who loves us.

"Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above earth and heaven....praise the Lord!"

...the world around us praises him
...creation sings praise to Him life, in health, in sickness

Praising him should be the theme of our life. Praising Him is showing thanksgiving and acknowledgment of His hand in our lives.

Sadly, I find it much easier to praise God after something "good" happens. After something I like happens. Or on a sunny day when a cool breeze blows and it is great to be alive. Or after a cozy date night with my man. Or on a rainy day when I can cuddle up with books and coffee. Of course anytime after coffee.

But you know what? God doesn't want me to just praise Him then. Yes, He wants that praise because I believe He takes delight in seeing us have pleasure in creation, in others, in life. But He wants praise at all time.


because He gives us life and love and strength. Our daily breath.

"the Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. The Lord is good to all...All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord."

I have been convicted about how little I choose to praise Him when it's hard. I long for a heart of gratitude that flows of praise to God. God has done so much for me! And I get "praise-less" over the littlest of things. Life robs me. God longs to give me joy and rest. To return my praise with His love. praise Him when the week is rough praise Him when I'm struggling with my husband or other people praise Him when the road ahead looks scary and the big questions of the future like "how will we have enough money to get through school?" praise Him when my supper doesn't turn out like I want it

so today, let's be grateful. Let's praise Him - for He is good!

May 6, 2015

Currently {May}

Where did April go? I'm not totally sure but it was filled to the brim with travels, celebrations (my birthday!) and work. Since the beginning of last month we've been gone every weekend except one. Memories have been made, new adventures discovered and a lot of fun has happened. But this blog did not happen. :)

designing - I need to be designing a new button for this blog. I'm excited with how I've reworked this little place but there's still a few more touches in the works.

enjoying - these beautiful spring days. Hello picnics and suppers on the porch!

ordering - special items from Amazon. I could go crazy ordering on Amazon - it seems every time I search something, I see something else I "need". Most times it's necessities I order but this time I'm doing some special stuff.  Between birthday money and swagbuck gift cards, I am quite excited about it. I'm thinking of getting this cookbook or this one for my library. Maybe I will do both. Any suggestions?

celebrating - this month is full of graduations. Hard to believe my youngest brother graduates high school! How did he get that old?

tasting - lots of new recipes. We are half way through Whole 30 over here. We've both been wanting to do some to give our bodies a rest and decided to try this. I've had to make a few adjustments (i.e. travel friendly and Whole 30 ingredient approved muffins, etc.) but we've stayed on it even through traveling. With busy work schedules and weekend traveling it's taking some planning. I did quite enjoy my coffee this morning as we also did a 2 week coffee fast. #gladthatisover

and an extra - highlight - in April my man and I went on a two week journey in several Eastern states. Along with getting to spend two whole weeks with my favorite man, I loved spending two days in NYC (can't wait to go back!), seeing my sisters family and my sister-in-law. Good times!

Linking up this month with Jenna and Anne.

What are you celebrating this month?

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