December 4, 2015

an end...

The last while this little place has been quite quiet. The reasons for that are studies, Thanksgiving vacation, house projects and more. But it has also been becuase of questions I have had in my own life.

What is the place of this blog? Is this really what I want to be doing? Do I really love blogging? I love the connections but is this what I am suppose to do? I am so blessed by many blogs out there. I love writing but is this my place? I struggled with finding my place. Blogging was robbing my joy and more time. Time. What is best for me with my time? A blog like this is something I know I won't be able to keep up for many reasons in the future. So was it best for me?

I have been thinking, praying, discussing with others and going over lots of pros and cons. In the last year I have been encouraged (by my husband and others) to find some things that make me come alive. To find what it is that makes me refreshed and ready to engage. It's a journey but a few things have become clearer. And one of those interests is photography.

but a beginning....
A dream that I have had for a long time has begun to be awaken again. Delving deeper into photography. There's still lots to be figured out, lots of questions to answer and much work to be done but already it is so much more enjoyable. I don't know what all is going to happen and where it will lead (or not lead. :) ) It is a slow process for me but one I am quite excited about.

It's scary. It's freaky and I have a long ways to go but I am also quite delighted about it.

So to the few of you who have left sweet comments and encouraged me here, thank you! May God bless you in your journey of discovering His grace in life!

**if you follow me else where on the internet world there will be announcements eventually about what is happening - keep your eyes open for more info on Charis Elisabeth Photography (Like I mentioned about it will be a slow process). And if you need a photo shoot, I would be happy to oblige as for a limited time I am doing free photos of any who is willing. :)

November 14, 2015

grateful I {November 2015}

// this post was meant to go out earlier this week but alas it has set unfinished in my drafts. In light of the Paris tragedy, I hardly have words. I weep for the senseless pain and sorrow that the Enemy causes in our world. I weep for longing for a world to know the life and peace of Jesus. I find myself pausing more to stop and be grateful for today. To be alive. To accept the gifts of today. //


We know it makes us happier. We know the Bible says to give thanks. We know statistically wise it makes us healthier. We know it makes life better.

But far too often we stay busy and hurried, never stopping to pause and give thanks. To stop and soak in the moments. To breathe that praise to God. To give thanks for the big and the small.

It's the holiday time leading into my favorite time of year. Not only does Thanksgiving remind us to be grateful but Christmas should too. (So I can put out my Christmas decor and no one gets upset, right? :))

So for a few posts this month I want to just list a few things I'm grateful for as a reminder and encouragement to keep on giving thanks.

Today I look back at some things from this last year....I am not always grateful for these things but I am grateful for what they are doing in my life.

- jobs for both Kenneth and I in AR
- a home in AR
- direction for the next step of our lives
- a large scholarship for school
- a home in NW PA
- several great opportunities to travel
- summer days at the lake
- opportunities for lots of growth
- the work of Jesus in my life
- redemption
-the persistent pursuit of Jesus
- introductions to new books, authors and blogs
- beginning to see change as a positive and not negative

What is something you are grateful for from this last year?

November 5, 2015

currently {November}

Crisp leaves, warm soups, holiday anticipation, Christmas music and decor, time to reflect over the gifts God has given us...ah, November. The month that ushers in my favorite time of year. Can you tell I'm excited?

cooking // Soups and stews. Trying to do a few new recipes but sometimes in the midst of school and the surrounding activities, I find quick meals happen more often. 

planning // How to start pursuing some dreams. How to get household projects done. What is going to happen in the next few months - welcome to the holiday season!

smelling // pumpkin spice - my favorite fall smell! I have a candle this year that gives off this delicious fall smell.

appreciating // the many gifts God has given us this year. When things are discourage and I step back to see the many ways God has met us in our needs this year I am humbled. I hope to blog a bit more about that this month. We have so much to be grateful for.

anticipating // this holiday season! Pulling out the decor, holiday related activities, special goodies, time with family; there's lots to look forward too. Oh and peppermint mochas!

What is something you are planning for this month?

Thanks to Anne & Jenna for this awesome linkup!

October 27, 2015

5 things I'm learning in marriage...

Blessed beyond measure. These are the words that come to mind when I think of my husband and our relationship. Getting to wake up with my best friend, going through our days together, laughing, questioning, struggling and learning. 

I know so many people who have had rough first years of marriage and it makes me wonder why God has blessed us so. And just so you don't think we think life is perfect, there have been other very hard struggles and lessons, both personally and externally.

These are a few of the things I'm learning along the way.

1 // It's okay to be amateur.
Neither of us were ever married before. So that makes two of us on a new adventure. We both have a lot to learn, grow and be redeemed in. But the cool thing is that's okay. We are in this together. We don't have to be perfect (well, I'm learning that too...). We don't even have to know how to do it all right.

2 // Marriage is so much better than you think it will be.
"Be ready for the honeymoon to end" or "make sure you don't have expectations for they will for sure crash" and "it's going to be rough" were the many responses I received over and over when we announced our engagement. That stinks. Why do we have to make marriage sound so depressing? I wanted to ask, "why did you ever get married in the first place?" Sharing dreams, lessons, friendships, food, laughter, adventure and every day life is just good.

3  // Marriage is harder than you think it's going to be.
For me the rough thing hasn't been living so much with another person but rather having the reality of who I am be seen! There are times when you realize just how much you and your husband stink at life, love and grace.

4 // Cooking failures are not the greatest disaster.
I don't have many of these but when I do it is about the worse thing in the world! There are still tears when the occasional mistake happens (thankfully most things are edible :) ) but slowly I'm realizing that my husband's approach to seeing reason for  laughter in the disaster is good.

5 // Dating is even more fun when married.
Seriously. Mostly because there's no goodbye at the end. Though it does take more intentional time now in married life, but that's good. In the business of life it can be easy to forget to take the time to just listen and enjoy each other.

all photos credited to the fabulous Amelia Protiva

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Intentional Tuesdays, #TellHisStory,

October 19, 2015

our {new} life

Earlier this year, we saw God begin to open up tiny steps towards the big dream He has given us. It seemed like a million things needed to fall into place to even start on the first part but He has been faithful. It's exciting to see my husband light up as God has opened doors for his vision.

We dream of living in another country as disciples of Jesus. And that means actually working as an every day person. It has been a vision slowly coming together in the past few years as we desire to live in everyday life with people showing them the life of Jesus.

Part of starting towards that is schooling. My handsome man is pursuing a business degree (& some other exciting adventures) while I get to take a few classes here and there while trying to pursue some other interest.

Enter school life...a long road that feels a little overwhelming. Our first few years are going to be a small school in NW PA with continued college education after that. For now we are learning to explore, appreciate and learn in a rural area of Pennsylvania. We have hopes of where we want to keep going believing that God is leading our dreams.

Life in the eastern part of the US is sure a change for this Midwestern girl!

But it's good and full of adventures. 

October 14, 2015

glimpses of grace: {to thrive}

God is love. Three simple words that mean so much. How does one even begin to describe it? The age haunting question...what does it mean love?

Recently for a journaling assignment as part of a group I am in at school this year we were asked to write a picture of what we see when we say, "God is love."  The Bible tells us that God is love. But what is? and what is love? My analytic mind can go round and round. It seems like a definition way too large.

As I searched through definitions, this one caught my eye: love - to thrive in {example: the rose loves to be in the sunlight} and while we're at it thrive - to grow or develop successfully, to flourish or succeed. 

When we reach toward His face and let His grace, love, faithfulness, patience and pursuit fall onto us we can flourish. When we delight in the relationship He pursues with us, we can grow.

To thrive in. To flourish. Isn't that just a beautiful picture of God as love? When we let his love into our life, we will thrive. Become fully alive. We weren't called to survive this life, we are called to THRIVE in this life. A journey I have a lot to learn in. "I have come that you might have light and have it more abundantly."

October 10, 2015

Currently {October}

 October already?! This year keeps flying by. Crazy that one of my most favorite times of the year is here. (Right up there with winter, spring and summer lake days, of course)

Fall - the colors, the weather, the clothes, the events.

Trees showing forth a their hues of yellows, oranges and reds. Being in NW PA this year means a gorgeous display.

It's just a great time of year to be alive. Snuggles under blankets around cozy campfires. Hot drinks outside in air with the perfect chill. A hint of winter just around the corner.

Now that life is starting settle down a bit, I'm excited to get back into blogging. To start things off, I'm linking up with Anne & Jenna to say a few things that are currently going on in my life.

eating // apples, pumpkin, soups - hello fall! I feel like there are so many of recipes to try.

exploring // our new area! The little towns around us have lots of old history. Discovering new coffee shops, lovely walks, old churches and unique restaurants is our thing so there's plenty to do. Between studying, classes and house projects, I mean.

wearing // #allthefalls - Scarves, plaids, sweaters, leggings and boots. Fall and winter clothing are some of my favorites!

admiring // Settling into our new home - what is there I don't want?! but the biggest thing right now is all the gorgeous fall photo shoots. I mean seriously isn't this shoot so cute?! My husband and I really wanted a 1st anniversary shoot but couldn't get it to work this summer. Plus we aren't really a "summer" couple. Anybody else identify their moods by the weather?

collecting // ideas for beautifying yet simplifying our home. 

What's your favorite thing about fall? I'd love to hear!

October 2, 2015

an unexpected event

Endless to-do lists. Homework assignments. Classes. 

House projects. Unpacking. A new area.

These are the things filling our lives these days. Busyness all around.

Then the unexpected. 

A stomach ache. My husband thought it was the result of low sleep (due to canoe trip with took with fellow students last weekend and other guests we had for a night) and figured it'd soon pass. But as Tuesday went on it continued to get worse with the addition of fever. Shortly after lunch, he about passed out when standing up. Not good. And then we began to think of appendicitis. Was this it? 

A few hours later we decided it would be best to at least check it out. It was getting very severe and seemed to have passed beyond a normal virus. 

The to-dos were forgotten. I was suddenly in the ER with a very sick and hurting man. Oh how hard it was to see my dear husband so worn, so hurting. Now I had to make decisions and choose what was best. Finally after a few hours we got the verdict: acute appendicitis. 

After a heart wrenching, long, night by my husband's side watching him suffer, he went safely through surgery. So many emotions raced through my mind. It was relief when he was finally able to go in, knowing that the chances of it bursting were high.

God's grace has been so good through this time. Grace sustaining us through the fear, the questions, the decisions. The grace to go ahead and go in. And now the grace for us to trust for the twists this has made in the school semester.

{the next day at home}

With a much more grateful heart, I made coffee at home. Savoring being with my husband. Even though he was groggy and in pain, he was with me. He is okay. I can kiss him. I can be with him. And today I can hug him. I know in reality it was minor compared to what so many go through but it still causes you to stop and take a breath.

Then this month we've seen new friends have to walk through the death of two loved ones. It's painful. Don't take life for granted. Kiss the one you love. Give those hugs, that time and love. 

September 20, 2015

glimspes of grace: {un}intentional blogging break

No internet. A computer that will not cooperate. A move. Travels. Packing up all of one's belongings for a long ride across the country. Starting a new life. No internet. No phone service. More travels. School. A computer crash. Still no internet. Or in a rare chance of it's appearance, a billion things that new to get done, one computer between the two of us and hence no blogging.

Meet the unintentional blogging break. I hope it will be over soon but no guarantees.

Yes, folks that is my life the last few months.

First move in June. No internet and preparing for a cross country life change made blogging start taking a back burner.

Moved to NW PA and since then getting internet has been a rare occurrence. No phone service and no internet has made for feeling rather left in the boonies. It has been a bear trying to get our internet service set up (due to the former renter trying to port their number.)

Then there has been a new home. A new life. New friends. New schedule. New everything.

Can't wait to share more of the God-size dreams He is allowing us to pursue. Some of it is really scary and shaking but at the same time it's good.

Life in the eastern part of the US is sure a change for this Midwestern girl! :) But it's good and full of adventures. 

July 29, 2015

coffee date {July}

if we were having coffee today...

...I would tell you that having a crazy schedule, limited internet access and lots of traveling make for very limited time to blog. Rather frustrating when I have lots of posts about lessons from this first year of marriage, some budget tips I've found and lots more, but they will be slow in coming till this fall. Right now it feels like I am never going to get caught up on the things I need (i.e. want) to do online.

...being offline has been good to make me think through a lot of my habits and also start pursuing some other things.

...that this month has been full of highlights - We went to KS and I got to see most of my family!!!!! Not all of my siblings live in my home state but I was sure glad to get to see the ones that do. Lots of coffee, talking, games and good times.

...with all this HOT weather we've been getting that I am ready for fall - please don't ever make me move further south

...getting ready for a major move is only slightly stressful

...that the next big change is only making me freak out and get excited all in one. Thrilled to see God starting to bring together the next steps in our dreams but it's also really scary.

...that I have been reading a lot this summer and am loving it. It feels good to start feeding the mind again with lots of words.

What would you have to share today? I'd love to hear! 

July 20, 2015

anniversary getaway: Branson

Living not far from Branson, MO, it was an easy choice for our first anniversary. Branson boasts a large amount of attractions - from Sight & Sound (a theatrical presentation of the Gospel), to singing groups, comedy shows and amusement parks. We had a great weekend - of course since we love being together that wasn't too hard. :)

I'd highly recommend the city for great fun and lots of adventures. Please excuse all the low quality ipod pictures but hopefully you can get a small glimpse into our delightful weekend. 

One way we made the weekend less inespensive was using AirBnB for lodging. This little place was perfect. Clean and close to where we wanted to be. 

Mini golf is a favorite activity of ours and we made good use of the courses there. (and yes, we won 3 free games. We rock! :) ) 

Sight & Sound - Jonah! Having heard great things about this place from my husband and others, I knew I was in for a treat. If you head to Branson be sure to take in a Sight & Sound show. The acting, music, coragraphy, LIVE animals all combine for a excellent experience. 

I love the mission of Sight & Sound to produce quality shows that share the Gospel of Jesus. 

The next evening we went to Shepherd of Hills. A historical story set in the Ozarks that comes to life before your eyes. I'm glad I read the book a few years back as it helped to keep up with the story a little better. This show has been going for 50+ years and should be on your list of must sees.

Adventure, celebration and daily routine all make life with this man a gift!

July 10, 2015

one year

Faithful heart, what more can one life ask?
One hand to hold along life's path
Share with me this vow, and for all time

Our souls will be entwined

One year ago I pledge my life and love to this man. This year has been a journey...a journey into knowing what it means to walk alongside another human day in and day out.. A journey into having someone know all about you. There have been challenges, struggles and lessons but it's also been a great journey into love and grace. My man has given me laughter, joy and adventure. My man has shown me love, grace and healing. My man has shown me a greater picture of Jesus. I can't wait for more years ahead. God has been faithful.

To celebrate we spent the weekend in Branson, MO. A fantastic place for clean, good fun. In another post I'll share a bit more detail about our great weekend which included some fantastic Sight & Sound's Jonah's and lots of mini golf. :)

our selfie game is fairly on point here :)

July 2, 2015

Currently {July}

Can you believe we're half way through 2015? July - our anniversary month!! I'm excited! You can roll your eyes but truly it does feel like we've spent a life time together at times yet other times it feels like we've just begun. It's also my man's birthday month, we get to go see my family and other good things ahead.

craving - home made ice cream. It's July, right? :) I got to have some at a delightful after-wedding party last week and now I want more!

grilling - anything that can...we love grilled foods around here.

listening - podcasts! I have discovered a fondness for listening to these random bits of advice and information while cleaning, running or doing other random things. Relevant (my husband and I laugh so hard at this one), The Nourished Podcast and The Art of Simple are current likes. Please leave a comment with your favorites. I'm always looking for new ones.

planning - our anniversary trip this weekend. Yes! Celebrating one year of marriage - it has been an incredible year. Grateful for the goodness of God and the gift of marriage! In the coming weeks, I hope to write more thoughts about this first year, marriage, etc so stay tune for that.

decorating - well, nothing right now as we are in a transition point at temporary apartment between two big moves. But I'm dreaming and looking forward to planning for our new home in August.

Special thanks to Jenna and Anne for hosting this lovely linkup.

June 27, 2015

glimpses: change

This is the beginning of a new "series" where I give you a glimpse into my life, whether it be a grace that God is showing me, a funny happening, a struggle or just happiness from a day. Please comment below and give me a glimpse into your life. 

Change. Every 24 hours the calendar moves to a new date. Time changes. People change. Places change.

We can't ignore it so the challenge is, "How well do we embrace change?"

I also realize that changes can be thought of in many different ways. Personal change. Relational change. Today I'm talking of physical change (as in where we live, job, etc...)

What words come to mind when you hear "change"? uncomfortable, excitement, new, adventure, scary, different. I have discovered something funny about myself...I like change for a few months as long as there is still something familiar to come back too, or I like change if it's acceptable to others.

But for the most part I don't love major changes. Why? Fear. Often I want change badly but the scariness of it holds me back. The fear of change {new, not knowing} is the scariest part of change. How do I face change? Do I believe that God is using it to change me? Do I embrace it as opportunities for discovery and grace? The truth is without change things die. Without change there would not be adventure. Life changes. Life grows. It moves. It's alive.

This year has held many changes for me; marriage, new state, new town, new name, new job and the list goes on. And the changes don't slow down...another move this month, in two months a move across the country, academic life, new jobs...

I'm daring myself to face these changes with joy and courage.

June 22, 2015

5 kitchen necessities

Whether you're a newly wed starting your kitchen for the first time or a single starting your own apartment one of the basic needs of any home is a kitchen. Agree with me here, please. Food, drink, laughter - much of life starts in the kitchen.

Though I grew up being in the kitchen all the time, it still was rather overwhelming when I got to have my own kitchen and realized just all I needed. But I knew I needed to keep things down to a minimal. So here are my 5 basic necessities for a kitchen.

Yes, you can disagree with me on these and leave me a comment with what you would have!

1. A good blender - this is a big chunk of money to throw out but seriously it has been so worth it. Smoothies, soups, muffins, etc. There are so many great recipes that require a blender. Personally I love the single serve cups that come with the Ninja. They are perfect for a quick smoothie! (side note: I would highly recommend going with the set that has the food processor if you can. I didn't and now regret that!)

2. Crock pot - meal ideas for this are endless....breakfast, supper, I've even seen dessert or jelly recipes for a crockpot. Mine is perfect for cooking supper while I work away from home a few days a week.

3. Cast Iron skillet - if you only have one pan get this! Can you use it in more than one way? My kinda of pan. In the oven with a cookie, on the stove frying morning eggs and bacon, uses are endless. Once you buy one, season it (google has lots of helpful links) and you are good to go.

4. Ceramic knife - these things cut veggies and meat like no other. I do have a great set of stainless steel blades that I love, but the sharpness of ceramic comes in very handy.

5. Hand mixer - these are cheap but worth the time they save!

So what is a necessity in your kitchen? I'd love to hear!

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June 14, 2015

Sunday {quote}

Security is a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. 
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. 
- Helen Keller

June 8, 2015

currently {June}

June again! May seemed to fly by with inches of rain, work, trips, yard projects and memories. This summer doesn't appear like it will pass any slower. There's a lot of change ahead. And lots of celebrations. Last year at this time I was in the midst of wedding prep, packing to move, finishing my job back home, etc. This year I am anticipating our first anniversary, more moves, big life changes and looking back at an amazing year of growing and falling more deeply in love with my husband.

going - this month has alot of comings and goings. One of the reason this is later than usual was due to a weekend choir tour this past weekend. My husband directed a group from church and they gave a few programs this last weekend. They did an awesome job! One thing I'm looking forward to this month is an out of state trip for a wedding of dear friends.

playing - "let's move" :) or maybe that doesn't count cause that's real. I have been playing around in the kitchen with new summer recipes.

wearing - flip flops and all things summery. I am not a huge fan of hot weather.

sipping - Kombucha! I have been so exited to get a Kombuha mushroom growing again and it hits the spot for hot summer days.

reading - many different books - recent highlights: My Name is Asher Lev, Bittersweet and The Hardest Peace. Those last two especially have been hitting in lots of challenging places.

Thanks to Jenna & Anne for hosting this awesome linkup!

June 1, 2015

do we matter?

"Our mattering doesn't depend on a stellar performance. We matter because we are children of the living, breathing, reigning God of the universe. We matter because we were bought with the blood of the Son of our Father God...We matter because He says we matter." - Jennie Allen

We have been created in the image of God. Any and all humans matters. Wealth, achievements, performance does not make us matter one bit more to God. He loves what He has created. 
He cares about us because He made us. We have worth in His eyes. 
And He gave us salvation, restoration and relationship with Him. 

May 25, 2015

coffee date {edition 2}

coffee, chocolate, cuddles and the Word with my favorite man

if we were having coffee today....

...I'd tell you about the amazing cup of French Press my husband got at a local coffee shop when we were with friends a few weeks ago. That stuff was good.

...I'd tell you how thrilled I am with having completed the Whole 30 this last month. It was hard but oh so good. And to be honest the clear cut yes and no's made eating much easier. Now to figure out what direction to head from here...

..I'd tell you how I have been reading the book Restless and it is making me think, pray and dream like never before.

...I'd tell you that I got a 3 day weekend with my man at home and how much I am enjoying it. We have been traveling so much it feels almost weird! Neither of us has to work (well our regular jobs - we're doing plenty around the house!) and it is just nice.

...I'd ask you about your present dreams, your future dreams and the biggest thing on your heart right now.

...I'd tell you how this month ever since listening to several hours of challenging messages my mind has been running with lots of thoughts. This year it spoke to current issues and how the Gospel answers the big questions and leads us. The Gospel gives hope, healing and restoration. It opens our eyes to our calling to be a healer, a helper, an advocate for the hurt, the needy and the broken.

...I'd tell you how much my heart aches with longing to bring hope, healing and freedom to the many many girls today who have been hurt by the lusts of men, agendas of others or the brokenness of not knowing Jesus Christ. There is a hurting world around us.

....I'd tell you how much I love rainy days but I sure wish it didn't bring so much mud with it #agirlcanwishright ? :)

two delicious new recipes from the Whole 30

...I'd tell you how God answered an incredible request - more on this later but suffice to say - WE HAVE A HOME this fall.

...I'd tell you that allergies sure have been affecting my breathing for running lately but this spring greenery makes every run worth it. I'd ask what your current favorite way to workout.

...I'd tell you that this morning I read Isaiah 58 and was blessed to overflowing at the redemption and hope in it.

What's on your mind for a coffee date this week?

May 20, 2015

photography {niece & nephew}

Remember how I warned of more pictures of my adorable niece and nephew? Here you go. :)

Getting to spend time with them is such a highlight. The oldest one, Yoanna, is smart yet full of mischief and giggles. Matthias is tenderness, boyhood, cars, trucks all wrapped in hugs. They both adore their younger sister which is so fun to see.

A few shots from our recent visit with them....

let them be little 'cause they're only that way for awhile

Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day

Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle

Oh, but let them be little

May 13, 2015

in {all} things...

I finished reading the book of Psalms in the last few days and was struck again by the emphasis on praise. Praising the One who created us, who gives us life, who keeps us and who loves us.

"Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above earth and heaven....praise the Lord!"

...the world around us praises him
...creation sings praise to Him life, in health, in sickness

Praising him should be the theme of our life. Praising Him is showing thanksgiving and acknowledgment of His hand in our lives.

Sadly, I find it much easier to praise God after something "good" happens. After something I like happens. Or on a sunny day when a cool breeze blows and it is great to be alive. Or after a cozy date night with my man. Or on a rainy day when I can cuddle up with books and coffee. Of course anytime after coffee.

But you know what? God doesn't want me to just praise Him then. Yes, He wants that praise because I believe He takes delight in seeing us have pleasure in creation, in others, in life. But He wants praise at all time.


because He gives us life and love and strength. Our daily breath.

"the Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. The Lord is good to all...All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord."

I have been convicted about how little I choose to praise Him when it's hard. I long for a heart of gratitude that flows of praise to God. God has done so much for me! And I get "praise-less" over the littlest of things. Life robs me. God longs to give me joy and rest. To return my praise with His love. praise Him when the week is rough praise Him when I'm struggling with my husband or other people praise Him when the road ahead looks scary and the big questions of the future like "how will we have enough money to get through school?" praise Him when my supper doesn't turn out like I want it

so today, let's be grateful. Let's praise Him - for He is good!

May 6, 2015

Currently {May}

Where did April go? I'm not totally sure but it was filled to the brim with travels, celebrations (my birthday!) and work. Since the beginning of last month we've been gone every weekend except one. Memories have been made, new adventures discovered and a lot of fun has happened. But this blog did not happen. :)

designing - I need to be designing a new button for this blog. I'm excited with how I've reworked this little place but there's still a few more touches in the works.

enjoying - these beautiful spring days. Hello picnics and suppers on the porch!

ordering - special items from Amazon. I could go crazy ordering on Amazon - it seems every time I search something, I see something else I "need". Most times it's necessities I order but this time I'm doing some special stuff.  Between birthday money and swagbuck gift cards, I am quite excited about it. I'm thinking of getting this cookbook or this one for my library. Maybe I will do both. Any suggestions?

celebrating - this month is full of graduations. Hard to believe my youngest brother graduates high school! How did he get that old?

tasting - lots of new recipes. We are half way through Whole 30 over here. We've both been wanting to do some to give our bodies a rest and decided to try this. I've had to make a few adjustments (i.e. travel friendly and Whole 30 ingredient approved muffins, etc.) but we've stayed on it even through traveling. With busy work schedules and weekend traveling it's taking some planning. I did quite enjoy my coffee this morning as we also did a 2 week coffee fast. #gladthatisover

and an extra - highlight - in April my man and I went on a two week journey in several Eastern states. Along with getting to spend two whole weeks with my favorite man, I loved spending two days in NYC (can't wait to go back!), seeing my sisters family and my sister-in-law. Good times!

Linking up this month with Jenna and Anne.

What are you celebrating this month?

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April 25, 2015


hello little one....

Recently I got to meet my adorable new niece, Talitha. What a dear little girl she is. On our past trip, my husband and I got to spend a few days with my sister's family. She has 3 adorable children and what fun it was.

The older two can talk a mile a minute making life very interesting and fun. Oh, the ideas that run through their heads! I will have more pictures coming but for today here are a few of the littlest one....

I'll show my eyes for a little bit 

this is making me tired

Needless to say I love being an aunt though I wish the little people didn't live quite so far away from me. :)

April 17, 2015

coffee date {April}

Why don't you pull up a chair, grab a hot drink and take a minute while I share a few thoughts....

Sugar or Cream? I'll take mine black, thank you.
French Pressed or Drip? or maybe you're in the mood for iced?
Or maybe you don't like coffee? Excuse me, I have plenty of tea around too.

If we were having coffee....

- I would tell you what a wonderful trip to several Eastern states, I enjoyed with my husband.

- Seeing my new niece and spending time with my nieces and nephews (#picture alert!) is a treat.

- That this spring weather is making me garden crazy.

- Runs in warm weather are just awesome.

- That I love the fact that my man and me try to find local coffee shops when we travel. We have seen several really cool ones in the last few weeks.

- That a vinegar and oil store can cause you to want to spend a ton of money.

- Road tripping as a married couple just rocks.

- Long talks with friends about hard things are gifts.

- That I have officially fallen in love with NYC. Yes, it's full of people and shops and languages and dirt and beauty. And it's a culture all of it's own.

- That growing into an adult means some really hard decisions and missing things you sure wish you wouldn't have too

- God is teaching me a lot about trust as we make a big step in the direction of our lives

- I adore French pressed coffee!

- I got some things together so I can make pillows for some different places around the house. (long overdue project)

have a lovely weekend friends!