July 2, 2015

Currently {July}

Can you believe we're half way through 2015? July - our anniversary month!! I'm excited! You can roll your eyes but truly it does feel like we've spent a life time together at times yet other times it feels like we've just begun. It's also my man's birthday month, we get to go see my family and other good things ahead.

craving - home made ice cream. It's July, right? :) I got to have some at a delightful after-wedding party last week and now I want more!

grilling - anything that can...we love grilled foods around here.

listening - podcasts! I have discovered a fondness for listening to these random bits of advice and information while cleaning, running or doing other random things. Relevant (my husband and I laugh so hard at this one), The Nourished Podcast and The Art of Simple are current likes. Please leave a comment with your favorites. I'm always looking for new ones.

planning - our anniversary trip this weekend. Yes! Celebrating one year of marriage - it has been an incredible year. Grateful for the goodness of God and the gift of marriage! In the coming weeks, I hope to write more thoughts about this first year, marriage, etc so stay tune for that.

decorating - well, nothing right now as we are in a transition point at temporary apartment between two big moves. But I'm dreaming and looking forward to planning for our new home in August.

Special thanks to Jenna and Anne for hosting this lovely linkup.

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