the traveler

Hi, I'm Charis and so glad you stopped by!

I am loved and in love with my wonderful Savior, Jesus. I am a newlywed, thrilled about spending life with my handsome best friend. My man is one of the best gifts God has given me! (that story is a miracle of itself!) Kenneth's love for Jesus & people, his passion, humor, randomness and adventure make life quite interesting.

Currently we make our home in NW Pennsylvanian (a big change for this Midwestern girl), where are we studying at a small school for a few years.

Why this journey of grace? God has me on a grand adventure - a journey into discovering His abundant, crazy, wild, deep, amazing grace. For many years I pursued what I thought was the "right" and missed so much of who Jesus is, His heart for me and the truth of grace. I have a lot to discover in this and so I share as I go along.

Why fully alive? Because I believe that through the work or redemption God makes us fully and completely alive in Him. He wants us to live our lives it to the full. It is not a half hearted attempt to make it is a gift to be enjoyed, explored and given back to Him in praise and thankfulness.

I blog because I want to share snippets of this journey with others, whether it's through what I write or the pictures I take.

Aside from being a wife, keeping a home and working part time, I love dappling in photography and design, reading, chocolate, a good cup of coffee, being in the kitchen (particularly healthy cooking), exercise and while often an introvert, I love being with people.

"The weight of God's glory, not illusory or ephemeral, but daily and everywhere, punctures earth's lid and heaven falls through the holes...Life is dessert - too brief to hurry..."Where ever you are, be all there" is only possible with eucharisteo. Slow down and taste life, give thanks, and see God. ”  ― Ann Voskamp