June 8, 2015

currently {June}

June again! May seemed to fly by with inches of rain, work, trips, yard projects and memories. This summer doesn't appear like it will pass any slower. There's a lot of change ahead. And lots of celebrations. Last year at this time I was in the midst of wedding prep, packing to move, finishing my job back home, etc. This year I am anticipating our first anniversary, more moves, big life changes and looking back at an amazing year of growing and falling more deeply in love with my husband.

going - this month has alot of comings and goings. One of the reason this is later than usual was due to a weekend choir tour this past weekend. My husband directed a group from church and they gave a few programs this last weekend. They did an awesome job! One thing I'm looking forward to this month is an out of state trip for a wedding of dear friends.

playing - "let's move" :) or maybe that doesn't count cause that's real. I have been playing around in the kitchen with new summer recipes.

wearing - flip flops and all things summery. I am not a huge fan of hot weather.

sipping - Kombucha! I have been so exited to get a Kombuha mushroom growing again and it hits the spot for hot summer days.

reading - many different books - recent highlights: My Name is Asher Lev, Bittersweet and The Hardest Peace. Those last two especially have been hitting in lots of challenging places.

Thanks to Jenna & Anne for hosting this awesome linkup!

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