September 20, 2015

glimspes of grace: {un}intentional blogging break

No internet. A computer that will not cooperate. A move. Travels. Packing up all of one's belongings for a long ride across the country. Starting a new life. No internet. No phone service. More travels. School. A computer crash. Still no internet. Or in a rare chance of it's appearance, a billion things that new to get done, one computer between the two of us and hence no blogging.

Meet the unintentional blogging break. I hope it will be over soon but no guarantees.

Yes, folks that is my life the last few months.

First move in June. No internet and preparing for a cross country life change made blogging start taking a back burner.

Moved to NW PA and since then getting internet has been a rare occurrence. No phone service and no internet has made for feeling rather left in the boonies. It has been a bear trying to get our internet service set up (due to the former renter trying to port their number.)

Then there has been a new home. A new life. New friends. New schedule. New everything.

Can't wait to share more of the God-size dreams He is allowing us to pursue. Some of it is really scary and shaking but at the same time it's good.

Life in the eastern part of the US is sure a change for this Midwestern girl! :) But it's good and full of adventures.