July 10, 2015

one year

Faithful heart, what more can one life ask?
One hand to hold along life's path
Share with me this vow, and for all time

Our souls will be entwined

One year ago I pledge my life and love to this man. This year has been a journey...a journey into knowing what it means to walk alongside another human day in and day out.. A journey into having someone know all about you. There have been challenges, struggles and lessons but it's also been a great journey into love and grace. My man has given me laughter, joy and adventure. My man has shown me love, grace and healing. My man has shown me a greater picture of Jesus. I can't wait for more years ahead. God has been faithful.

To celebrate we spent the weekend in Branson, MO. A fantastic place for clean, good fun. In another post I'll share a bit more detail about our great weekend which included some fantastic things...like Sight & Sound's Jonah's and lots of mini golf. :)

our selfie game is fairly on point here :)

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