May 6, 2015

Currently {May}

Where did April go? I'm not totally sure but it was filled to the brim with travels, celebrations (my birthday!) and work. Since the beginning of last month we've been gone every weekend except one. Memories have been made, new adventures discovered and a lot of fun has happened. But this blog did not happen. :)

designing - I need to be designing a new button for this blog. I'm excited with how I've reworked this little place but there's still a few more touches in the works.

enjoying - these beautiful spring days. Hello picnics and suppers on the porch!

ordering - special items from Amazon. I could go crazy ordering on Amazon - it seems every time I search something, I see something else I "need". Most times it's necessities I order but this time I'm doing some special stuff.  Between birthday money and swagbuck gift cards, I am quite excited about it. I'm thinking of getting this cookbook or this one for my library. Maybe I will do both. Any suggestions?

celebrating - this month is full of graduations. Hard to believe my youngest brother graduates high school! How did he get that old?

tasting - lots of new recipes. We are half way through Whole 30 over here. We've both been wanting to do some to give our bodies a rest and decided to try this. I've had to make a few adjustments (i.e. travel friendly and Whole 30 ingredient approved muffins, etc.) but we've stayed on it even through traveling. With busy work schedules and weekend traveling it's taking some planning. I did quite enjoy my coffee this morning as we also did a 2 week coffee fast. #gladthatisover

and an extra - highlight - in April my man and I went on a two week journey in several Eastern states. Along with getting to spend two whole weeks with my favorite man, I loved spending two days in NYC (can't wait to go back!), seeing my sisters family and my sister-in-law. Good times!

Linking up this month with Jenna and Anne.

What are you celebrating this month?

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  1. Way to go on the Whole30, especially with travel. I did it last month and was really glad I did - found tons of great recipes too, so I hardly missed certain other things. Loving the spring weather around here too. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Wow! You have been busy! I'd go for the "Chocolate Covered Katie" book. :) Way to go on doing the Whole30. I've been looking into doing it myself. I had a friend complete it recently to help with some stomach issues, and she said it helped resolved that, and boost her energy levels. What sort of results are you getting from it?

    Enjoy your coffee again, and the warm spring sunshine! :D

    1. I ordered I can't wait to try it! I was doing the Whole 30 to give my body a reset - after some extreme stress the last few years and a metabolism burnout, I'm trying to now heal it (with my husband's great encouragement!) which is what I have to remind myself when i'd like to see more visible results. :) And it is not "newly wed" budget friendly. :) But it has helped alot with energy and some of my skin issues are starting to clear up. It's also been great for restarting eating habits...I want to keep some of what I've learned and am curious to see how well I take some grains once I start adding in. and I must admit I still want chocolate. :) But not eating sugar has been good and I want to keep that up. (in balance - summer is coming... :)) Is that a long enough answer for you? :)

    2. Your answer was perfect! I've enjoyed hearing other people's reasons for doing it.I've made the commitment to the Whole30. I am on day 4 now. I've been experiencing a lot of fatigue over the past year or so, and I've been suspecting grains for me. So, hopefully by cutting them out, I will see if it helps there. And cut out that sweet tooth that has plagued me... Justin has been an encouragement for me as well. Even through that crying spell and headache last night. (apparently that is normal, but whew is it rough...) Thankfully we have been blessed to have quite a bit of meat on hand, since we hunt, and raised meat birds last year. I found that shopping at the farmer's market weekly has helped in the veggie department. Surprisingly I have not been craving chocolate, just spoons fulls of peanut butter... :D