May 25, 2015

coffee date {edition 2}

coffee, chocolate, cuddles and the Word with my favorite man

if we were having coffee today....

...I'd tell you about the amazing cup of French Press my husband got at a local coffee shop when we were with friends a few weeks ago. That stuff was good.

...I'd tell you how thrilled I am with having completed the Whole 30 this last month. It was hard but oh so good. And to be honest the clear cut yes and no's made eating much easier. Now to figure out what direction to head from here...

..I'd tell you how I have been reading the book Restless and it is making me think, pray and dream like never before.

...I'd tell you that I got a 3 day weekend with my man at home and how much I am enjoying it. We have been traveling so much it feels almost weird! Neither of us has to work (well our regular jobs - we're doing plenty around the house!) and it is just nice.

...I'd ask you about your present dreams, your future dreams and the biggest thing on your heart right now.

...I'd tell you how this month ever since listening to several hours of challenging messages my mind has been running with lots of thoughts. This year it spoke to current issues and how the Gospel answers the big questions and leads us. The Gospel gives hope, healing and restoration. It opens our eyes to our calling to be a healer, a helper, an advocate for the hurt, the needy and the broken.

...I'd tell you how much my heart aches with longing to bring hope, healing and freedom to the many many girls today who have been hurt by the lusts of men, agendas of others or the brokenness of not knowing Jesus Christ. There is a hurting world around us.

....I'd tell you how much I love rainy days but I sure wish it didn't bring so much mud with it #agirlcanwishright ? :)

two delicious new recipes from the Whole 30

...I'd tell you how God answered an incredible request - more on this later but suffice to say - WE HAVE A HOME this fall.

...I'd tell you that allergies sure have been affecting my breathing for running lately but this spring greenery makes every run worth it. I'd ask what your current favorite way to workout.

...I'd tell you that this morning I read Isaiah 58 and was blessed to overflowing at the redemption and hope in it.

What's on your mind for a coffee date this week?

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