October 28, 2014

...on fear

Fear. Fear of the future. Fear of others. Fear of not having enough money. Fear haunts us. It consumes us. It whispers, "you aren't in control and neither is anyone else." 

Fear makes us desperate. To be enough. To have enough. Fear makes us doubt God. It gives us a basis to believe that we aren't enough for God. Fear. It wraps itself around our thoughts and plunges straight to the darkest depths of our hearts. 

 All fear is the lie that God’s love ends. - Ann V.

Fear drives me to do, to say, to believe, to work against what I know is truth.
God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and self-control.
Fear lets other forces drive us. Trust lets God drive us. God longs for me to be at rest in Him. To release my fears. To believe what He says. Fear says, "do more, work harder for God to accept you." Trust says, "Rest. I have already done the work." 
"I had to choose fear - or completely trust Him. One cannot exist if the other is true."(from this article)
I was with dear people where the fear of doing enough good for God's favor is externally visible. Fear of what their destiny will be hurls them forward, pushing their actions, their thoughts. Fear blinds them. Doing, doing, doing but never knowing.

My heart cries for them. I want them to know Jesus, to see that He has done the work and God gives us favor: grace. Ashamed though, I realize how often fear drives me. It blinds me to see what Jesus has already done and is doing. Fear holds my heart in an immovable exhaustion. Surely I must do a bit more. Fear of being exposed. Fear of being rejected. Fear of what others may think. 

Then I see my Father's anguish face longing for me to trust and believe, "Child. Trust me. You are mine. The work has already been done. The gift has been given. Jesus paid your price. Rest in it. My love is received, not earned. I love you. Receive grace" 


  1. Beautiful post. Yes, fear can certainly bind us up. How precious it is to know the ONE Who is in complete and sovereign control. We can trust Him. He is faithful. Many Blessings to you! Camille

    1. thank you so much for stopping by Camille!