October 1, 2014

accepting the meaning

What is the meaning of grace?

Dictionary definition - 1. Favor; good will; kindness; disposition to oblige another; as a grant made as an act of grace.  2. Appropriately, the free unmerited love and favor of God, the spring and source of all the benefits men receive from him. 3. Favorable influence of God; 4. Favor; mercy; pardon. 5. Beauty; embellishment; GRACE, v.t. To adorn; to decorate; to embellish and dignify. 1. To dignify or raise by act of favor 2. To favor; to honor.

To know the meaning is one thing. To accept it is another.

Phillip Yancy writes, "Grace means there is nothing we can do to make God love us more. And grace means there is nothing we can do to make God love us less. Grace means that God already loves us as much as an infinite God can possibly love. Grace is unfair."

For years I have known the meaning of grace in my head but accepting it was a different story. I saw others living it out in front of me. I heard it again and again yet I disdained it. I fought for it.  I arrogantly thought and acted, "I am not worthy of grace so I must earn it."

Not worthy.

The very two words that enable us to receive grace. I twisted and blinded myself to be unable to accept grace.

Truth is I am not worthy. Truth is Christ is worthy and He makes me worthy.

Christ makes me worthy. Christ is all I need. To accept His grace means to look to Him. To look to Jesus. To rest in Him. Not working, not striving, not trying.

"In Him {Jesus} we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace, which He lavished upon us..."

This journey to accepting grace has been long. It still lies ahead of me. I began this journey, stumbling not even sure what I was seeking for.

And God gave grace. His grace was faithful as I blindly walked for years. His grace was faithful as I stumbled onto this path. This adventure He longed for me to receive. He brought people around me and a man into my life who pointed me towards Him and the joy of the beautiful, freeing reality of grace.

Accepting is still a struggle. I know the meaning in my head but living the reality of it....that's a question.

But Jesus is gently drawing me to Him and as he does, He pours out His grace. He is opening my heart to see the glory, rest and redemption of his grace. The beauty of being worthy, of being filled, of being at rest. The beauty of Jesus and His gifts of grace.

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  1. So beautifully worded! Knowing and believing in GOD's great grace, are two different things. Accepting HIS grace is a struggle for me too at times. But knowing that through the gift of HIS son, we can accept that grace, wow! I am blown away by that amazing thought sometimes. :D

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!