April 17, 2015

coffee date {April}

Why don't you pull up a chair, grab a hot drink and take a minute while I share a few thoughts....

Sugar or Cream? I'll take mine black, thank you.
French Pressed or Drip? or maybe you're in the mood for iced?
Or maybe you don't like coffee? Excuse me, I have plenty of tea around too.

If we were having coffee....

- I would tell you what a wonderful trip to several Eastern states, I enjoyed with my husband.

- Seeing my new niece and spending time with my nieces and nephews (#picture alert!) is a treat.

- That this spring weather is making me garden crazy.

- Runs in warm weather are just awesome.

- That I love the fact that my man and me try to find local coffee shops when we travel. We have seen several really cool ones in the last few weeks.

- That a vinegar and oil store can cause you to want to spend a ton of money.

- Road tripping as a married couple just rocks.

- Long talks with friends about hard things are gifts.

- That I have officially fallen in love with NYC. Yes, it's full of people and shops and languages and dirt and beauty. And it's a culture all of it's own.

- That growing into an adult means some really hard decisions and missing things you sure wish you wouldn't have too

- God is teaching me a lot about trust as we make a big step in the direction of our lives

- I adore French pressed coffee!

- I got some things together so I can make pillows for some different places around the house. (long overdue project)

have a lovely weekend friends!


  1. Love the updates -- they are always so cute, full of your personality and sweetness.

    So glad you're making memories with your man.


    1. thank you so much for you sweet note Frannie! Memory making is the best, isn't it?!