November 14, 2015

grateful I {November 2015}

// this post was meant to go out earlier this week but alas it has set unfinished in my drafts. In light of the Paris tragedy, I hardly have words. I weep for the senseless pain and sorrow that the Enemy causes in our world. I weep for longing for a world to know the life and peace of Jesus. I find myself pausing more to stop and be grateful for today. To be alive. To accept the gifts of today. //


We know it makes us happier. We know the Bible says to give thanks. We know statistically wise it makes us healthier. We know it makes life better.

But far too often we stay busy and hurried, never stopping to pause and give thanks. To stop and soak in the moments. To breathe that praise to God. To give thanks for the big and the small.

It's the holiday time leading into my favorite time of year. Not only does Thanksgiving remind us to be grateful but Christmas should too. (So I can put out my Christmas decor and no one gets upset, right? :))

So for a few posts this month I want to just list a few things I'm grateful for as a reminder and encouragement to keep on giving thanks.

Today I look back at some things from this last year....I am not always grateful for these things but I am grateful for what they are doing in my life.

- jobs for both Kenneth and I in AR
- a home in AR
- direction for the next step of our lives
- a large scholarship for school
- a home in NW PA
- several great opportunities to travel
- summer days at the lake
- opportunities for lots of growth
- the work of Jesus in my life
- redemption
-the persistent pursuit of Jesus
- introductions to new books, authors and blogs
- beginning to see change as a positive and not negative

What is something you are grateful for from this last year?

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