October 19, 2015

our {new} life

Earlier this year, we saw God begin to open up tiny steps towards the big dream He has given us. It seemed like a million things needed to fall into place to even start on the first part but He has been faithful. It's exciting to see my husband light up as God has opened doors for his vision.

We dream of living in another country as disciples of Jesus. And that means actually working as an every day person. It has been a vision slowly coming together in the past few years as we desire to live in everyday life with people showing them the life of Jesus.

Part of starting towards that is schooling. My handsome man is pursuing a business degree (& some other exciting adventures) while I get to take a few classes here and there while trying to pursue some other interest.

Enter school life...a long road that feels a little overwhelming. Our first few years are going to be a small school in NW PA with continued college education after that. For now we are learning to explore, appreciate and learn in a rural area of Pennsylvania. We have hopes of where we want to keep going believing that God is leading our dreams.

Life in the eastern part of the US is sure a change for this Midwestern girl!

But it's good and full of adventures. 

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