October 10, 2015

Currently {October}

 October already?! This year keeps flying by. Crazy that one of my most favorite times of the year is here. (Right up there with winter, spring and summer lake days, of course)

Fall - the colors, the weather, the clothes, the events.

Trees showing forth a their hues of yellows, oranges and reds. Being in NW PA this year means a gorgeous display.

It's just a great time of year to be alive. Snuggles under blankets around cozy campfires. Hot drinks outside in air with the perfect chill. A hint of winter just around the corner.

Now that life is starting settle down a bit, I'm excited to get back into blogging. To start things off, I'm linking up with Anne & Jenna to say a few things that are currently going on in my life.

eating // apples, pumpkin, soups - hello fall! I feel like there are so many of recipes to try.

exploring // our new area! The little towns around us have lots of old history. Discovering new coffee shops, lovely walks, old churches and unique restaurants is our thing so there's plenty to do. Between studying, classes and house projects, I mean.

wearing // #allthefalls - Scarves, plaids, sweaters, leggings and boots. Fall and winter clothing are some of my favorites!

admiring // Settling into our new home - what is there I don't want?! but the biggest thing right now is all the gorgeous fall photo shoots. I mean seriously isn't this shoot so cute?! My husband and I really wanted a 1st anniversary shoot but couldn't get it to work this summer. Plus we aren't really a "summer" couple. Anybody else identify their moods by the weather?

collecting // ideas for beautifying yet simplifying our home. 

What's your favorite thing about fall? I'd love to hear!

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