October 2, 2015

an unexpected event

Endless to-do lists. Homework assignments. Classes. 

House projects. Unpacking. A new area.

These are the things filling our lives these days. Busyness all around.

Then the unexpected. 

A stomach ache. My husband thought it was the result of low sleep (due to canoe trip with took with fellow students last weekend and other guests we had for a night) and figured it'd soon pass. But as Tuesday went on it continued to get worse with the addition of fever. Shortly after lunch, he about passed out when standing up. Not good. And then we began to think of appendicitis. Was this it? 

A few hours later we decided it would be best to at least check it out. It was getting very severe and seemed to have passed beyond a normal virus. 

The to-dos were forgotten. I was suddenly in the ER with a very sick and hurting man. Oh how hard it was to see my dear husband so worn, so hurting. Now I had to make decisions and choose what was best. Finally after a few hours we got the verdict: acute appendicitis. 

After a heart wrenching, long, night by my husband's side watching him suffer, he went safely through surgery. So many emotions raced through my mind. It was relief when he was finally able to go in, knowing that the chances of it bursting were high.

God's grace has been so good through this time. Grace sustaining us through the fear, the questions, the decisions. The grace to go ahead and go in. And now the grace for us to trust for the twists this has made in the school semester.

{the next day at home}

With a much more grateful heart, I made coffee at home. Savoring being with my husband. Even though he was groggy and in pain, he was with me. He is okay. I can kiss him. I can be with him. And today I can hug him. I know in reality it was minor compared to what so many go through but it still causes you to stop and take a breath.

Then this month we've seen new friends have to walk through the death of two loved ones. It's painful. Don't take life for granted. Kiss the one you love. Give those hugs, that time and love. 

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