March 30, 2015

weekend snapshot {3.30}

We've been having spring weather this week and it is simply gorgeous. Thunderstorms rolling through and refreshing rains. Some days I just want to dance with feeling alive! Spring is such a beautiful reminder of God's living grace and redemption. He makes us alive!

A few snapshots from our weekend....

Icy weather cancelled our Valentine outing weeks ago so we got to celebrate twice! I am blessed to have a man who goes shopping with me (celebrates good deals), takes me to new coffee shops and gets me fro-yo. Yep, it was a good weekend.

taking selfies - or is it twofies? Even if it isn't great lighting and we laugh so hard they're blurry. 

this man lights up my world - his love, his care, his passion for me, life and Jesus - I am so rich!

this handsome guy is the best! 

Together with my favorite man + gorgeous weather + my some of my favorite stores (hello Ross!) + good deals (hello $1.80 shirt from Khols and half price bargains from Goodwill) + new stores + a picnic + coffee = a lovely Saturday.

We found a Home Good while we were out and about and now I have too many things I want for my house. Oh and Pottery Barn too. Seriously why do they have such cool stuff? Feeds my ideas for hunting at thrift stores this summer. 

How was your Saturday? 


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Husbands + coffee + shopping all in one! :D

  2. Awww... An amazing weekend you did have! :D

    Our weekend was good too. But less relaxing. We enjoyed the warm weather by getting some yard work done. :D

    1. Yard work has to be done too. :) But the good thing in marriage is you don't have to do it alone! :)