February 28, 2015


when icy rain and snow changes your plans for the day, you cuddle up for hot drinks, games and relaxing with your favorite man...it's a good life, folks!

A question for you today....What inspires you? I would love to hear.

Honestly, I struggle to know what to write. Cooking? Well, others are better at that or the recipes disappear. (and for those wanting the blueberry muffin recipe - the link that was the original recipe disappeared on me. Weird. So it will come when I make them again to make sure I remember the ingredients right. Sorry!)  

DIY projects? Umm, well those happen about as rarely as you'll find the ocean in Kansas. (Okay, maybe not quite but why do I get so many ideas and do not do a one of them?) Lessons I'm learning? That's raw. 

*reading alert - this is a very honest post*

To my readers, what gives you inspiration for your blogging, passions and life? 

As I try to chart new roads with this blog, I'm seeking to find just where I want to be. First, I want this place to glorify my Jesus and be a channel for others to see His grace. But I'm scared to write often. I really haven't had much experience in life. I'm still learning. I have a long ways to go in living a life driven by His grace, not my performance or regulations. Living a life embracing joy and the adventure of living.

Should I blog? How much longer will I blog? There are so many beautiful places out on the internet. 

Why do I write? Because words speak to me. I am encouraged, blessed and inspired by the ladies who share their lives and thoughts here on this internet world. But those ladies are brave. Am I brave? 

Where is balance between sharing and saving? There's such a need for authenticity in this world. But there's also a line to not just spill it all.

So my friends thank you for coming along. This blog will likely never have a clear theme. I want to be real. Which means that off line life is the most important (um, yes that's why the new blog design isn't done and posts are not regular), which means that things will change from time to time. 

This blog is also a place for me to experiment in learning design.

God is doing beautiful things showing me the joy that is in this life and the beauty of living it full. But it's a long journey. Lessons, photography, stories, books - here you will see snippets from my passions, from what I'm learning and discovering in this adventure into discovering His beauty and grace. 


  1. Charis, I love your honesty and your heart for being real. I can totally relate to your question of "why?" Often I have found myself comparing myself to other writers. I struggle with jealousy and resentment, wanting to be great but feeling like I am so small. These are areas in me that are not pleasing to our Lord. So I stop and realize why again I am writing; what reasons are worth the time it takes. One, I like to write. Two, I like to write. And three, I like to write. :) And it really is as simple as that; I find inspiration in other blogs, in the beauty of God's creation, and in the joys of simple, everyday life. But I write because I like it.

    And so you know, I really enjoy your blog. I enjoy reading about your newly married life and all that that brings. You're doing great and keep at it!! :) Plus, your new header is *really* adorable (and so professional!).

    Anyways, I appreciate you and am glad that you do what you do.

    God's blessings on you!

    1. thank you so much for you kind words Frannie! I appreciate it so much! blessings and hugs your way!