January 22, 2015

step into light

to trust is to step forward out of night....
- George McDonald

Often to trust means stepping into unknown, stepping of a cliff or plunging into something that we have no idea where it's going.

But sometimes trust means stepping into a form of "known".

Stepping into a decision you know you need to make. Starting a dream you know is right. Taking that next turn for following Jesus. The night of the uncertain is finished and the day of the decision has dawned.

Many times stepping out of the night is scary for me. There is a certain comfort in staying in the dark. Restlessness yes but a clock of familiar too. Not knowing which decision you are suppose to make. You can't see the scary drops in the dark or the steep mountain.

Light makes them visible.

To trust means to step into the light. To make the decision which lightens the next step, showing the possible goods, bads and scariness of it.

Stepping into light. Trust. Stepping into His light. Stepping into day.

Stepping with Him - Jesus.


  1. Such beautiful words, Charis... Thank you. I needed to read this.

    1. I'm so glad it could bless you....thank you Carolann!

  2. Hello, sweet one!

    Yes, this is so true and something I haven't really thought about. I tend to be an avoider of risk so staying in the dark becomes a way of avoiding failure. But that isn't faith, is it? I suppose real faith is stepping out and being willing to fail simply because we are called to step out.

    Blessings and love to you!

    1. so true Frannie! For me at least the dark doesn't reveal all my insufficiency and the mistakes I could do....blessings to you!