January 16, 2015

looking at goals...

Goal setting ... love it? hate it? why?

I love to set goals...finishing them is a different story. Cause usually I set goals that are way out of reach and if I get about half of them completed then I call it good. Laziness plus an overachiever attitude don't make the best combination at times.

What vision do you have for this year? the next 2? or how about the next 5?

What are your dreams? Is there a big dream you want to start working towards?

These are things to consider when setting goals. Knowing your vision and dreams for areas of life helps to weed out things that don't need priority.

What about responsibilities? A job that requires much of you. School. Roles. These affect our goals.

This year I began with many new responsibility. I am developing the vision I want for my home, as a wife, in my work, blogging, hobbies, etc. Now that I am responsible for a home, I have dreams for how I want it to look and feel. I need to put that into vision and then into goals. There's been many changes and will be more but I'm excited to keep on growing in these things.

So here's to 2015. A year of growing in grace, giving myself grace and living it. Occasionally I hope to write some month by month goals, possibly book reviews and other stuff that pertains to this.

Major areas that I break my goals down into... Relationships - with Jesus, with my husband, with others, Personal Growth, Reading, Physical, Finical (i.e. budget/savings), Creativity, Blogging. 

a few examples the overview of how these look...

Reading - after finishing school my reading has greatly suffered due to life so this an attempt to bring it back in. Reading relaxes me, expands my world and delights me. goal: 60 books with diving into many different areas.

Financial - savings goals, monthly budgets, special expenses, etc. (a favorite to way to earn extra income is through swagbucks.)

Creativity - bunching several areas under one name. :) Creativity is art and I need it in my life!
       home projects, music, photography (this area needs a lot of work!)
Blogging - write more. Design the blog and expand my knowledge in the web world.

"You are never too old to set another goal 
or to dream a new dream" - C. S. Lewis



  1. I know what you mean about setting goals, and then following through with them. While I love setting them, following through does not come easily. But by GOD's grace, we can follow through. :)

    Categorizing goals is a neat idea. Thanks for sharing that. :D

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you for sweet comment and coming by!

  2. 60 books feels like a pretty noteworthy goal! Last year I had a goal of 12 books and was able to get through 18 and I was happy with that. This year I am shooting for twelve again, and I'm already 1/3 of the way there. Yay!

    Sarah Esh

    1. thank you so much for stopping by Sarah! Good for you with your book goals! It is a high number but we're doing alot of traveling and other things this year that I *should* be able to read more if I motivate myself. :) blessings!