January 8, 2015

hello 2015

a new year...a new journal....a new adventure...


open. (well...kinda...)

This year I'm starting off with a lot of new things. In the last several months there have been quite a few new things in my life - a new name, a new home, new community, a new role, a new job. And this year is likely to bring quite a few more new things. Newness is exciting. Newness is scary. Newness often involves change (something I don't do good at!) and courage.

When I look to 2015, I'm scared but excited. Last year God started a lot of work in my life that has been brutal and shaking. As He tore away my pride and humbled me, He opened my eyes and heart in a whole new way. I look at 2015 in a different way than most years.

My words for this year are "grow" and "grace".

To grow in receiving God's grace and others. To give grace. To grow in giving myself grace. There are lots of dreams things I want to grow in. But this year has the potential for lots more changes and I want to give myself grace. Grace to dream big but to be okay if I don't accomplish it. That I accepted and okay even if my goal list doesn't get done. That I am still just as worthy and good before God.

 Grace teaches us that God loves because of who God is, not because of who we are...Grace means there is nothing I can do to make God love me more, and nothing I can do to make God love me less.- Phillip Yancy

So I'm asking God to let me grow in His grace. To receive it. To delight in it. To give it. To see it. To rest in it. Welcome 2015!

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