December 30, 2014

goals, resolutions or....

I am a person who loves to write out goals. (notice I say "write") I love to accomplish goals to but often I get lofty headed while setting them and attempt far too many things I can't humanly do. It's can be my pride or my "go for it all" personality that causes me to do this but more often it is the stubborn streak of perfectionism that makes me feel that my only worth is equal to the things I accomplish. Wrong.

As 2015 comes in, I'm excited to dream big, make goals and see what God will do.  There are three main goals for this year - to love God and people more fiercely and deeply. Cause the things that really matter are God and people. And to give myself grace. Grace to be imperfect. Grace to do big things. Grace to be a human. That this life truly is a journey of grace - grace from God.

So what about you set goals? Do you set resolutions as a New Year comes in? I'd love to hear.

And just to be are some very random links for thoughts as you close 2014 and start 2015. Your welcome.

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  1. You were so sweet to link to me! Love your blog - excited to follow along!

    1. thank you so much for coming over! your comment made my day!